Small Business Green Initiative

Participant Testimonials
"Dave was galvanizing & Inspirational."
"The SBGI helps to foster a sense of personal confidence to achieve my goals for sustainability in our organization."
"You have to start somewhere; this is the right place to do it. The SES staff is supportive and insightful in helping achieve your goal."
"The SBGI challenges us to think outside the box and gain skills in leading change in our organizations."
"Through the SBGI, we learn to start with the value for the environment. We ARE dependent on the health of our environment."
"The training series helped me build a clear case for my sustainability project within our company."
Corporate Environmental & Social Responsibility - Beginning the process of defining your sustainability initiative.
Creative Problem Solving - The Strategic Planning Model you use to create and refine your best actions
Economic Value - Measurable financial gains for your products and services
Workforce Engagement – Training and mobilizing your employees and staff to seek your best actions
Competitive Difference – Your customers see your brand as delivering the best products and service
Change Agents – You are acting in a way to create the change you wish to see in the world


A Peek into the Program

The SBGI is a vehicle for small businesses to authentically enhance their capacity to gain the value in sound sustainability practices. Participating businesses attend 3 training sessions. A strategic plan is designed by each business and then implemented through on-site visits from the SES training team. As each business’ sustainability project demonstrates its efficacy, SBGI Certification is awarded as a sign of the increased capacity and commitment to "Be the change you wish to see in the world".

Introductory Package

  • 3 training sessions (4 hours each)
  • Mentoring towards SBGI certification
  • Change Leadership Integration
  • Identify action steps with measurable economic value
  • Enables Participants to access current capabilities to lead successful change within organization.


  • Enhanced workforce engagement and purpose
  • Greater capacity for strategic planning and sustainable practices
  • Strengthen Financial Position
  • Competitive Difference

Register today for the next SBGI Course Session

June 25, 2014 -  10 AM to 2 PM - Session I: Prepare to make way (limited capacity)

SUNY at Buffalo School of Management
Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership
UB Downtown Gateway, Suite 201, Room 208
77 Goodell Street, Buffalo NY 14203

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Fee: $750 (check/paypal) includes Introductory Package with 3 training sessions and an individual consultation.

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