We seek to empower our clients to discover novel and useful ways to save money and gain competitive advantages through sound sustainability practices. In the process we address the need and value for social responsibility.

        The members of the SES team desire to serve as an “uplifting agent” for businesses and organizations in the WNY community through sustainability consulting. We seek to act as change agents for the businesses in WNY to create a climate of genuine sustainability and social justice.

SES mission

Core Values


Our services are supported by a team of qualified professionals with diverse experience, knowledge, and good judgment.


We value being honest and having strong moral principles in all our relationships with our clients, our community and society.


Our actions foster a sense of shared reliance. For us, trust is a precursor to healthy relationship building.


We encourage the creation of new actions and useful ideas as we seek a sustainable model for interactions with Earth and its people.


We believe that the result of the interaction of two or more persons or organizations creates a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.



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